Fibonacci Spiral Wind Chimes

Our Fibonacci Spiral Chimes take listeners on a sonic journey through the Golden Mean ratio created by the Fibonacci number sequence that permeates all of life.  The sound is one of comfort and love and is familiar to everyone's innate understanding.  These 7 - 12" to 36" long chimes, tuned to the precise scientific sound frequencies of 7 select Fibonacci numbers, offer a very unique musical scale.  Historically, this ratio is one of the top ten most harmonious intervals in all of music.  These are wonderful tools for music therapists and sound practitioners.

Sacred Fibonacci wind chimes are based on one of the fundamental tones of the Pyramid of Giza as scientifically measured in several key locations in the Great Pyramid.  This special chime set sounds the Golden Mean or Phi Ratio, (1.618/1).  It is based on the harmonics of the sounds that govern the generative cycles of life.  These harmonics offer a musical experience down nature's Golden Mean Highway, the Yellow Brick Road, and through the spiral of a chambered nautilus shell.  It has been said that when traveling on the Golden Mean Highway one always knows where they are by the Fibonacci number they are standing on, as if each golden brick is labeled with a specific Fibonacci number.  Adding any two consecutive Fibonacci numbers gives one the number they are next heading towards.  In this way, the highway reveals one's way forward or home.  This is the true geometric path of love that flows through creation.

The Fibonacci series begins as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc.  This spiral is a musical spiral referred to as the minor sixth interval in music, example E up to the note C.  The minor sixth interval is one of the most used intervals that composers employ to evoke feelings of love.   Examples include French composer Francois Lai’s Love Story Theme and Brazilian composer Luiz Bonfa’s popular song A Day in the Life of a Fool, or Manha de Carnaval from the movie Black Orpheus.

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*PLEASE NOTE: Due to computer speaker limitations, full tonal experience can only be approximated.
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