Nested Platonic Spheres Wind Chimes

Our Nested Platonic Spheres Chimes set is an interlocking companion to our Nested Platonic Forms Wind Chimes.  These harmonics offer a very unique musical scale and a beautiful sonic tune-up.  The 10 - 17" to 30" long chimes are tuned to the precise scientific sound frequencies of the radii of ten spheres - the spheres are based on the specific nesting from the Nested Platonic Forms Chimes.

The geometry of the entire physical universe is built upon variations of these archetypal shapes.  These harmonics are the foundation of the geometry of the periodic table of elements that make up all of life.  The orbits of the planets and all of earth's creatures follow this geometry.  Most sacred buildings are designed with this geometry in mind.

These shapes include the tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. Each shape contains a sphere, interpenetrates a sphere, and is contained by a sphere.  Therefore, from these 5 shapes, a total of 10 unique spheres are created without duplication.  The user of these chimes is sounding a very key set of harmonics that matter to all of life.

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Model (SKU) Product Description Cost
NPSWC10T1MR Nested Platonic Spheres Wind Chimes - mid range $392.00

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to computer speaker limitations, full tonal experience can only be approximated.
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