Sound of the Rainbow Chimes (high range)

Our Sound of the Rainbow Chimes offer beautiful sonic and color tune-ups.  They allow the sounds of the rainbow to radiate in the environment and to relax the head chatter after a long day.  The high range rainbow chimes are a circular set of 9 - 15" to 30" long chimes tuned to the precise scientific sound frequencies and color measurements of the rainbow.  These frequencies are felt in the aura around the body and are useful for cleansing the mental body of stress.

The high range resonates with the higher overtones to stimulate and charge the brainwave band as proven by the research of famous ear surgeon Dr. Alfred Tomatis.  It is also consistent with the Gregorian chants 2000hz range that gives the sonic nutrition that, like oxygen, makes you more alert and often needing less sleep.

The Sound of the Rainbow Chimes are ideal for bringing balance and harmony to the immediate environment.  As the chimes play, the subsequent sound frequencies add and subtract acoustically creating additional spectral colors.  For example, when the red and orange tones sound, the sound of the color red-orange is created.  When blue and green are combined, the color of turquoise is sounded.  This creates a richer harmonic palate of color sounds.

Broadband Users
Modem Users
Model (SKU) Product Description Cost
SRWC9T1HR Sound of the Rainbow Chimes - high range $342.00

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to computer speaker limitations, full tonal experience can only be approximated.
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