Sound of the Rainbow Chimes (low range)

The low range Sound of the Rainbow Chimes can create powerful resonance in the room, making them ideal for group toning experiences.  This set of 9 - 15" to 30" long chimes, tuned to the precise scientific sound frequencies and color measurements of the rainbow, produce a more profound and deeply felt physical experience.  The low range Sound of the Rainbow Chimes is ideal for bringing balance and harmony to the environment in larger spaces.

Our low range Sound of the Rainbow Chimes provides a potent sonic and color tune-up. The full-bodied low range is most like the vocal range of males.  This deep range moves a lot of air, creating this powerfully felt physical experience.

Most people refer to seven basic colors in the rainbow, but actually there are nine color bands, based on the mathematical precision in the refraction of a prism and a raindrop.  There are actually two shades of red and two shades of green - a deep red and a reddish orange, and a darker green and a lemon green that has a yellow in it - that is how we get nine instead of seven.

Broadband Users
Modem Users
Model (SKU) Product Description Cost
SRWC9T1LR Sound of the Rainbow Chimes - low range $382.00

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to computer speaker limitations, full tonal experience can only be approximated.
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